Masato Kikuchi

English / Japanese

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Engineering
Nagoya Institute of Technology

Masato Kikuchi


Work and Research Experience


Journals (Refereed)
  1. Unified Likelihood Ratio Estimation for High- to Zero-frequency N-grams
  2. Conservative Direct Estimation for Likelihood Ratios based on Observed Frequencies
  3. Conservative Estimation for Conditional Probability
Conference Papers (Refereed)
  1. Matching Social Issues to Technologies for Civic Tech by Association Rule Mining using Weighted Causal Confidence (accepted)
  2. Product Information Browsing Support System Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (accepted)
  3. Online Classroom Evaluation System Based on Multi-Reaction Estimation (accepted)
  4. Analysis of Interests of Civic Tech Communities in Japan towards Developing Civic Tech Community Recommendation System (accepted)
  5. Feature Selective Likelihood Ratio Estimator for Low- and Zero-frequency N-grams
  6. Developing a Lecture Video Recording System Using Augmented Reality
  7. Development of an Extractive Title Generation System Using Titles of Papers of Top Conferences for Intermediate English Students
  8. Improving Association Rule Mining for Infrequent Items Using Direct Importance Estimation
  9. Improving Estimation of Conditional Probability for Determining Importance of a Bigram
  10. Journal Name Extraction from Japanese Scientific News Articles
  11. Direct Estimation of Likelihood Ratio for the Analysis of Context
  12. Finding Association Rules by Direct Estimation of Likelihood Ratios
  13. Using Conservative Estimation for Conditional Probability instead of Ignoring Infrequent Case
  14. Confidence Interval of Probability Estimator of Laplace Smoothing
Regional Papers (Non-refereed)

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Contact Information

Masato Kikuchi / ‹e’n ^l
Ozono Laboratory, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Gokiso-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 466-8555 Japan
(My room: 202A, Building 2, Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Email: kikuchi.masato (at)